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Sell a Business In New Zealand With Ease

Selling a business can be difficult for any business owner. From getting the right price and the right buyer to finding the right broker, there’s a lot involved in the selling process.

As one of the most seasoned business brokers in New Zealand, we are here to address all your goals and requirements. We are committed to helping you get the best deal for your business. Rest assured, you can count on us to be by your side every step of the way.

Get the Best Deal for Your Business in New Zealand

Our extensive knowledge of the business landscape in New Zealand guarantees that you will get a great deal. We have extensive research and years of experience to back up our business selling service. Hence, you can trust us when we say our method is poised to find you fair appraisals.

Not only we will ensure that you get the best deal, but we are committed to meeting your expectations so that you walk away satisfied. It’s in our best interests to match you with the most appealing, financially fair and sound offer. That’s how we have built trust with our clients over many years and will continue to do so.

9 Steps Business Selling Guide


We sell businesses better. Our experienced brokers guide you through our proven nine key steps.

Business Value Appraisal

Naturally, you want the maximum price for your business. But setting an asking price too high could scare away potential buyers. While pricing too low means a less financial reward for your hard work, there are many ways to value a business. Using a combination of these will usually provide the most realistic price band. The methodology must be accurate, appropriate for your type of business and stand up to expert scrutiny. Every business is unique, making it vital to deal with people who have proven experience in establishing true market value.

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An Information Memorandum (IM) is a comprehensive document that gives a detailed overview of the business. 

It must be crafted to ensure it is accurate and represents your business honestly while adhering to numerous legal requirements and regulations. This includes disclosing anything that may hurt the ongoing profitability of your business. Click here for a sample IM

*Note that the business advertised in the sample IM is not a real business. It was created by us to be used as a sample only.   

Identifying Buyers

It takes more than setting the right price to find the ideal buyer. Having access to a large database of qualified buyers in your sector means greater competition and a better sale price.

As independent professionals, LINK brokers can discreetly approach buyers we believe might be interested, without divulging information that identifies your business.

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LINK is one of the largest business sales marketers
and advertisers in Australasia.


Through decades of experience and measurement, we know how to create effective marketing campaigns. Ads, brochures, web, social media and other communications are carefully planned and executed to attract buyers without identifying your business.

Qualifying Buyers

We know that not every enquiry about a business for sale is from a genuine potential buyer. But qualifying every buyer is often a surprisingly time-consuming and difficult process.


Acting as an independent third party, LINK brokers can maintain confidentiality until all potential buyers have been vetted and qualified.

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Sale and Purchase Agreement

After a potential buyer has reviewed the IM and expressed interest, they’ll have more questions and will usually ask for further information or documents.

A LINK broker coordinates this process, by liaising with the business owner or their financial/legal teams to negotiate a conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement without yet supplying sensitive details.

Due Diligence

Signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement doesn't necessarily mean the business is sold.


Most buyers will want to verify your information during a due diligence period.

They'll also need to review information previously withheld due to commercial sensitivity. This process generally takes 5 to 15 working days, although for more complex businesses, it can be up to 90 days or more.

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Once all the conditions in the agreement have been satisfied, the business is declared unconditional, Solicitors will finalise all legal documents, a final stocktake will be carried out and the sale will be settled.

The seller usually assists in the business for an agreed period post-sale, to ensure there's a smooth transition.

Exceptional Service You Can Rely On

The benchmarks that we have set over the years have blessed us with repeat clients and positive reviews. Our customer satisfaction is proof that we provide extraordinary service to our clients.

If you need great services and a great deal, Serdar from LINK Business is the person to contact. Get in touch with us if you want to get the best deal for your business.

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-Emily and Logan-

"We recently purchased a business from Serdar Kabul and I am exceptionally grateful to Serdar for the opportunity he has given us, as well as his on-going support and encouragement.


He has been open, honest and professional in all his communications with us.


I would have no hesitation in purchasing another business from Serdar, contracting him to sell an existing business or recommending him to others, it really has been a pleasure dealing with him."

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-Stewart Lodge-

"After making the decision to take my business to market, I searched for active business brokers who came across as having a positive and proactive approach to marketing the businesses they had listed. I then checked the companies they worked for to see what type of reputation they held in the market. After meeting with the shortlisted Brokers, I chose Serdar from Link business brokers.

Serdar is thorough, he listens, he works with active buyers, and he doesn't rest on his laurels. At a time when the market was full steam ahead, and the business could have sold itself, Serdar continued to work to promote the business, screen potential buyers and push to get offers on the table. Serdar was active right through the settlement process and also followed up through the transition process. 

I would highly recommend any owner looking to list their business speak to Serdar before deciding on who to list with.”



“ We recently used Serdar to sell our business and was very pleased with the way he marketed our company
and how the sale process was handled.

We initially had a meeting with Serdar over 2 years ago when I was contemplating selling our business and I had several discussions with him around that time.

I decided to wait and sell the business later, and I was impressed at Serdar's attitude of staying connected occasionally and not being pushy.

When the time came to sell the business I contacted Serdar and he prepared and recommended some options for a marketing campaign.

The business was advertised in late March and very quickly 5 meetings were arranged with potential buyers.

We had offers from 4 of those meetings and the company was sold at Easter.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Serdar to market your business”

Furniture Import and Distribution Business for Sale.jpg


"Working with Serdar was a pleasure.

He is professional, hardworking and persistent, diligent in his work, gives well-balanced advice, and will work tirelessly to achieve your goals.

Definitely recommend his services be it buying or selling a business."

IT Business SOLD.jpg


"Serdar was instrumental in selling my business, in a very difficult market.


It is notorious for business owners on Waiheke Island to be unable to find buyers for their businesses, however Serdar found a number, leading to multiple offers.


Without him, I would probably still be sitting at my office chair, rather than travelling around South America. Thanks again Serdar."


-Antoinette Bradley-

Serdar Kabul sold my small online business. He was always professional, available, helpful, friendly and understanding of my needs and went the extra mile which I really appreciated.


I would use Serdar and his business broker services again in a heartbeat. Thank you Serdar for all your efforts."

Medical Import SOLD.jpg

-Dawn Riley-

“I first met Serdar in March 2018 to discuss purchasing an Importing & Distributing business. Through the Sales process I found him to be honest, very approachable and genuine, a very nice person.


Subsequent to the purchase, he has continued to offer support and avail himself to discuss any issues that have arisen which has been very much appreciated.” 

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