Business Colleagues

What Do You Want to Know About Selling Your Business in New Zealand?

We understand that you may have some burning questions before you decide to sell your business in New Zealand. Here are some of the most common questions that our clients ask:

Is Your Selling Process Confidential? 

The one thing that is most sacred to us in this business is the trust of the client. We understand that our clients are our lifeblood and that we have to honor their trust. It’s a common concern for business owners to keep their business information confidential. Hence, it’s very important to work with the right business broker in New Zealand.

At LINK, Serdar Kabul strive to be that right broker. Our work is strictly confidential, and we respect the boundaries that are set by ethical business standards. As a LINK Business Broker, Serdar uses LINK strategic marketing system that builds on confidentiality and works well.

This allows us to advertise your business with all its qualities and potential without breaking confidentiality so called No-Name Advertising. We have a confidentiality agreement in place, which has to be signed by prospective buyers. This is all done prior to the release of any information. In fact, this is the first thing we discuss at our first meeting.

What Do You Charge?

All our work is result-based. This is a common practice in New Zealand and our charges, as well as the percentage, vary. While the final charges depend on the size of a business and the final price, our prices can be competitive. 

Our business does offer the perk of a free appraisal if you list your business with our company. That will not only help you in selling your business but save you a bundle. 

If you want further details about sales prices and percentages and commissions, feel free to contact us. You can either book online or get in touch with us through our phone numbers to have a quick chat with Serdar.

How Do You Find Potential Buyers for Businesses in New Zealand?

Serdar Kabul has established several connections and contacts throughout his career. He has worked in retail, management, service, and marketing fields. He also has an engineering background.

Having worked in so many fields, he has cultivated a large network of contacts to sell businesses to. His network isn’t limited to New Zealand either. His experience working for a large company has widened his reach beyond the country.

As a result, Serdar Kabul has thousands of potential buyers laid out for every type of business. These buyers are categorized according to the type of business they are interested in. All of these names and details are listed and stored in the database. The advantage of working with an established business broker in New Zealand is that these clients are always connected.

Aside from this huge database, our marketing efforts also extend throughout the internet and social media. We advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as well as printed media and exclusive contact list which helps us to establish contacts with overseas investors that are interested in investing in New Zealand.