Selling a Business has Never Been Easier

Selling a business isn’t easy, especially in today’s competitive market. People will constantly try to undercut you, get cheaper deals, and undervalue you. With Serdar Kabul, you can trust a tried and tested procedure that can get your business the best appraisal it deserves. 

Serdar Kabul’s years of experience buying and selling businesses qualify him to appraise your business fairly. He has several years of experience in management, engineering, service and retail sectors. Hence, he knows how to judge the value of a business based on more than numbers. When appraising your business, there are great many things he will consider, besides its net worth. He will consider the value of your products and services, of course, but also your potential and your workforce. Hence, when you’re offering any New Zealand businesses for sale, Serdar Kabul will form core fundamentals and foundation above all.  

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Access to Industry Contacts

Due to his years of experience in the business, Serdar Kabul has a strong network of contacts. These contacts range from the industries he has been employed into those that he is connected with. This network consists of other businesses, managers, investors, and so on. Most of these people are looking to buy businesses in order to grow them and are constantly looking for value. Hence, they will happily offer a fair price for yours. 

The wealth of these contacts is not just measured in numbers. These contacts are also webs of connectivity of their own that allow Serdar Kabul a wide reach all over New Zealand. Even beyond that, Serdar Kabul has worked with businesses that have a presence worldwide. He knows the market in various countries and regions around the world. This helps with the nuances of business in different cultures.


Market Your Business to Its Strengths

You may think that you can get a great price for your business in New Zealand. However, Serdar Kabul may know someone that can get you an even better one. It’s all about knowing the right buyer is interested in which business, and which market is ripe for investment. 

Since Serdar Kabul also has a marketing background, he is no stranger to letting the market know that a valuable business is for sale. However, his marketing background, fused with his engineer knowledge gives him a unique perspective. He will see value in your company that you yourself may not. This doesn’t derive from a deep knowledge of the specific company itself, but that of the world’s markets.

Are You Offering New Zealand Businesses for Sale?

If you’re offering your business for sale in New Zealand, contact Serdar Kabul now.  He will not only get you a great price but the best deals out there.